Mail Boxes in Paphos Cyprus

Are you interested in renting a Mail Box?

All you need to do is to decide for how long you need it and fill in an application form. We can send you an application form by fax or email or collect it from our shop or find it below. Once you fill in the application form and pay the rental you have immediate access to your mail box 24 hours a day.

All of our mail boxes have the following size:

Height: 13.5 cmDepth: 32 cmWidth: 24 cm

An A4 envelope can easily be fitted inside them.

By renting a mail box you are able to receive normal mail, small packets, large parcels, registered items and courier mail. If an envelope or parcel is too large to fit inside your mail box, you will be notified via sms text or phone call so as to collect this item during opening hours. Mail is sorted into the mail boxes on a daily basis.

You will receive 3 keys for your mailbox upon rental, with a €10.00 charge as deposit for the keys, refundable once the mailbox is cancelled and all 3 keys are returned. Please be advised that as from today 20/11/2014 once a mailbox is due, the mail will not be distributed to the specific mailbox. You will receive a phone call and a renewal notification will also be placed in your mailbox. If we are unable to reach you (via phone/email) and no renewal occurs within 2 months, it will be considered that the mailbox is no longer needed and mail will be returned back to sender.

This is the address you need in order to collect your mail:

(Your Name)................
111 Leoforos Chlorakas
Shop 9, Suite ..............
Chloraka 8220
Paphos, Cyprus

Mail Box Application Form

Application Form (Print)
Download and print the application form in order to fill it in and send it via fax to 26 911554
Application Form (Online)
Click here to fill in the form in electronic format to be sent to us via email.

Rent a Mail Box for:
3 MONTHS €17.50
6 MONTHS €32.00
1 YEAR €59.00


Prices may change without notice