Looking for a virtual office or home address in Cyprus? No need to look further. Our Virtual Address service is the perfect fit. We provide you with a physical location in Cyprus, where your mail is received on your behalf.


Your mail (Envelopes/Parcels) can:

  • Be forwarded to your actual location, anywhere in the world.
  • Remain unopened, scanned and choose which you need opened and scanned and which you’d prefer to remain sealed and forwarded to you.
  • Scanned and sent to you via email.


Benefits of having a Virtual Address:

  • Whether starting or owning a business in Cyprus, you can have a formal address, without the need of owning or renting costly premises. You can work remotely, reduce costs and enjoy flexibility.
  • You have the ability to retain a physical presence in Cyprus, in case you are moving abroad.
  • You can protect your privacy from customers, suppliers and other third parties, if you are operating from home and avoid using your home address.
  • Some online retailers do not offer international shipping. If they ship to EU, a virtual address in Cyprus can be the solution to your problem.